I did a Rockschool Grade 3 Band exam with my friends a few weeks back. Me and the bassist are high standard, both grade 8 according to our tutor and our drummer is maybe 6 or 7.
I didnt really want to do the exam cause i thought it would be a bit useless and demeaning but we went ahead with it. We had come out of the exam quite happy cause we thought we had nailed it more or less but the results came today and we only got 75 which is just a pass, which is well under what we were expecting. From what was said the examiner criticised me because i wasnt in school uniform. It was true, i wasnt informed we had to wear school uniform cause i was in a difficult position to contact and was away and only came back on the day of the exam. We were expecting at least a merit at our standard.

I was just wondering how many marks we lost for me not being in school uniform? The examiner seemed nice and laid back (and liked Paul Gilbert and he let us retry a song after the drummer dropped his drumstick but it turns out he is just another slave to bureaucracy.
Its not so much the mark i care about but i feel bad now cause i let down my friends aswell :/ I am pretty pissed off at Rockschool now

Sry if this is an inaappropraite place.
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does anyone else findit ironic that an organisation called 'rockschool' would deduct marks for not wearing school uniform?
I am so tired of rhetorical questions. Or am I?
I find it funny that one there is such a thing as a "rock school" and two that the "rock school" wants you to wear a uniform. Where the **** is that stated in the "rules" of rock and roll. Honestly who cares what these "rock professors" think, that's the whole point of rock and roll in my opinion. These scam schools like power chord academy just make me laugh at the people wasting money on it, just get regular lessons. I hear even Fender is getting in on this game with Fender University, however that seems a bit different. Anyway I seemed to get away from the point, just rock on man if you guys sound good, you guys sound good. How could you grade that?
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haha thats unlucky i did the grade 8 exam and we got distinctions even though, we had to practice 2 of the songs just an hour b4 the exam cos we didnt know them.
so you are marked on the band image too ... interesting !
if you had to restart a song surely that would have lost more marks ,
regardless im sure that was a good learning experience , i was playing " bcdc " an old grade 3 piece with my bassist today , theres always ways you can tweak and improve all the "zones" of the rockschool pieces .