Hey I've been playing 3 months all I've got down really is the basic chords, I've learned the notes on the A string and E strings. I've also learned bits and pieces of songs, but I don't really know what to do right now..Scales? Barre Chords? Learn more notes?
I've always enjoyed learning barre chords. They're really usefull in improvising and jamming.
i reckon learn a whole song or two to solidify that you know open chords well. Then move on to barre chords and the minor pentatonic scale.
I am so tired of rhetorical questions. Or am I?
Alright, what's a good song that uses a good variety of the open chords?
try wild world by cat stevens?

that uses: Am, D, G, C, F, Dm, E

F's a barre chord tho
I'd say moving on to barre chords is your next step; being able to play all major, minor, 7th, major 7th and minor 7th would mean you could play a helluva lot of songs.
Power chords are also great to learn but basically easier than open/barre chords.

Definitely learn the notes on all strings. Aim to eventually know what note it is straight away. This will help in so many ways and help you when moving into learning scales.
Yeah I've learned power chords as well I forgot to mention that, they're easier than open chords -.- Does it matter whether I play it with 2 strings or 3 strings with the octave though?

I haven't learnt ALL of those chords heh I've learned most of them though, that being : A, Am, E, Em, D, Dm, F (2 string barre version), C, and G.

Ok I'm going to go try that song "Wild Cat"
2-string or 3-string, they're still power chords (only containing the root and 5th note).
You can play whichever feels/sounds better to you; neither is right or wrong.