Hey everyone, first thing first I finally decided to join the Ultimate Guitar community, hope it will be good and I will learn a bunch of new **** from all the pros around here .

Now for the main topic: I have decided to buy an amp for my new Jackson dkmg, I know this stuff has probably been floating around the forums forever but after reading the amp guides over here and over the internet I still need an advice and a second opinion :0.

So basically I have around 700 bucks to spend, I play all sorts of metal, from new to old stuff, , Metallica,Soad,RATM, and a bunch of others, so I am pretty much looking for a good amp that will suit my needs.

I have decided to take a Valve amp because of the stuff they say about them being better quality at higher volumes and in general Valve amps sound better to me :0
I got the cash but I have no idea what I need to buy, so I hope you guys can help me out here and recommend something decent, thanks a lot for your help.
Hey and welcome to UG.

I would suggest a used Peavey 6505

Or if you're looking for something brand new, a Peavey Valveking with a speaker swap. You could also get the head and a nice cab I suppose. If you decide to do that, look into Avatar Cabs.

Good Luck.
Either one of the Peaveys or even a Bugera 333XL i bought mine in a local shop, but you can get them online at some places aswell.
great budget tube amp.
Bugera 333XL
Orange AD30
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Jackson DKM2
Godin Solidac
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