i started guitar lesson since 2 month now on an acoustic but now i wanna buy an electric one. I got around 500 - 600 $ , il would like to play some heavy stuff (metal ,death metal) i dunno what to buy. Everytime i go at the music store, i always check jackson guitars they just seem so nice but i dont wanna buy too fast.
what should i buy as a first electric guitar ?
jackson and ibanez are fine beginner guitars.. (for your style of music)
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Personally i'd go with something that has a fixed bridge for your first electric floyd's can be a pain in the ass, have a look at some fixed bridge rg's. You'll also need a amp which will give you 80% of your tone.
Don't buy a spider or a mg. You'll think its good until you realize it has the tone of a dead sheep, i should know i owned a mg and have to use a spider in my guitar lesson. For amps look into blackheart mini stack, Peavey valve king and for solid state a roland cube. Oh and rg's are made by ibanez.