This fat kid runs the streets of Iraq

I can't see him running anywhere to be honest.
I watched this video for like the 10th time running. Actually what happens is the america soldiers are throwing out sweets to the children. If you lookat other videos of this, you can see the soldiers kind of acting like the children are cats or dogs. They play with them like how people play with their cats, and then they give them the candy.
hes like the leader of the Iraqi crips
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This is deep
Was the pun intended?
Actually no

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THAT'S why I felt the ground shaking this morning!
You know, you're probably reading this saying "Hey, I'm bored, maybe this'll be funny?"
It's not. Too bad. No, I am not refunding you those 6 seconds of your life. So :P

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anyone noticed the one kid kicking the little girl?

its at about 1:08-1:10 or so.

That's harsh as f/u/ck