I have a REALLY bad amp at the moment, it cost me about £60 and I got it when I started playing. I need to get a better amp and my guitar teacher told me to get a valve amp as he thinks it would be better for me but I really don't know anything about amps at all. I play all sorts of music and I want to spend about £200-£300 maybe a little more depending on how expensive they are going to be, I haven't done any research yet so I was wondering where to start?

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What styles do you play?
It's not the greatest budget in the world, but as an all-rounder I'd recommend a Peavey Valveking
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Well music I play is general rock music, nothing heavy really just things like guns n roses and a little megadeth.
lol, nothing heavy, just a bit of megadeth, have a look at that peavey valveking, the laney VC30 and maybe the marshall DSL401
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I was looking at the LC30 and VC30 which of these is better and how do they compare to the DSL401?
VC series gets my vote.
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So what amp would be best to meet my Guns n roses/classic rock with megadeth style of music?