well, this is my dilemma. i need a new amp and some effects. i dont gig regularly, but i will start soon. price is somewhat of an option but i would rather spend more to get something better than pay less and get screwed. my question to my fellow ugers now that i have layed this out is would i be better off getting a rack with an amp and effects or would i be better off getting a normal amp with a multi-effects pedal? and sorry if this has been posted before, but i looked all over the place and couldn't find it thanks for any help you may give.
Get a valve combo.

Cheaper than a stack, and more than enough power.

Don't get a rack, to much trouble, things to worry about. The people who have them usually have guitar techs too.
Unless you have done your research and know what you're doing dont go for a rack, they are tiresome and expensive at times. If you need a simplistic gigging setup, set out for an all tube 2x12 combo or something.
Multi-effects pedals are ok, really good for practising messing with effects and stuff but they genrally arnt anywhere near as good single stomp boxes thats quite offent why you dont see big bands with em (I beleve) but yehh if you could afford a few single pedals and get all the effects you need IMO that would be the best bet.
Rack = A lot of hassle, a lot to move about going to gigs, takes up more space and more to fiddle with, taking more time to set up. However it is more versatile and arguably sounds a bit better, effects wise. And its looks cool.

Id go with a stack and (single) effects, rather than multi-fx, for me anyway its the perfect set up, as much versatility as you ever need, minimum of fukcing about before playing, less space taken up onstage and less to worry about = win!
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FWIW, I've used both types of setups over the years, & IMO, using a handful of pedals w/ an amp+cab or combo is the best. Super simple, & if something goes wrong, you can fix it in usually a couple minutes. Troubleshooting rack gear takes time, because many times you must unmount the units from the rack for access.
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I really like rack setups. MOst people don't like them because they can be extremely complex with midi programming etc, but honestly, I really love them, so much more control over everything.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
After putting the hours into programming a rack setup, im really happy with just how much control i have over my rig, i know that i could go back to a conventional setup now. But it definitely isnt for everyone.
Personally, I <3 rack systems. They can be VERY expensive, but I believe they are more along the lines of set-and-forget. Only real flaw with them is that they can be very difficult to tweak on the fly.

If you have your entire rig in a rack (Preamp, poweramp, mods, power, tuner, etc...), setup can be very simple (Usually consisting of nothing more than a single power cable, MIDI cable to a controller, and a speaker cable to your cabinet) and not really all that large (6 spaces oughta do it).

Having everything in one place also keeps your cable runs to a minimum (Which I love ).
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I suppose its all about how complicated you make it. Personally id be happy with the best of both worlds. A nice head for tone plus a nice rack tuner, effects processor, sonic maximiser and a furman conditioner along with a pedal or 2 is a great plan in my view.
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