hi, ive managed to find a roland gr 30 second hand for a reasonable price. ive got a couple of questions tho.

i noticed above one of the foot switches it says wah. does that mean if i had an expression pedal i could use it as a wah pedal as well? (i kinda want something that replaces my whole rig so i dont have to worry about heaps of adaptors and pedal board etc.) just a stand alone unit plus foot switch for my amp distortion is what i want.

anyways, the other thing i want to know, is do you have to drill any holes to use the gk2a pickup? im 80 percent certain that there is a way to just stick it on, i just wanna be completely sure because i like the finish on my guitar waaaay too much for drillin.

wait a minute. i can just drill into pickgaurd. nvm. altho it would still be good to know if i can just stick it on?

heres a picture of the pickup, im pretty sure the little black strips are what is used as sticky sticky. can someone please verify???