Well for one, you'll obviously need to get it out. Two: you need a new peg.

Try getting it out by going from inside the guitar and pushing it out, if you can. Otherwise, you have to be very careful you don't damage the bridge. Good luck with that one, maybe try getting a professional repair.
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just take the string out of the tuning peg at the headstock and pull it out....the rest of the pin should come with it...then just buy another bridge pin.
push the string down to loosen the lock and push up on the pin
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Those strings look like they're still taught.. you weren't trying to pull the peg out without loosening the string were you?

Probably not, but just thought I'd mention.
Get a small drill bit and carefully drill out the centre and then use a tap bit to drill in and remove it. Either that or move to a larger drill bit after making the initial hole and it should just break apart and be easily removed (DO THIS CAREFULLY, you don't want to make any contact with the bridge itself).
Quote by ChrisN
Those strings look like they're still taught.. you weren't trying to pull the peg out without loosening the string were you?

Probably not, but just thought I'd mention.

No, I wasn't, all the other strings are new, only the low e is an old one because the peg broke off. Then I tightened the old E string again so I could still play until I got it the peg out.
Cool cool, I've just seen someone try to do that in the past... with less than great consequences.

Suggestion - How about loosening all the strings so you can get your hand inside with a pair of pliers to carefully twist+push the damaged peg out? Doesn't really matter if you damage it more.
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yeah dude you're gonna need to take the string off if not all of them and just reach in there and try to push it out from the bottom. I've have to do it before and it seems like it's not coming out but you just gotta work with it. And be gentle.
Drill a hole in the bridge right behind the pin ... ahhhh JK here's another vote for professional help if you can't push from the inside.
not to call you out or anything, and i could be wrong... but it looks like you've strung the guitar completely wrong. i don't think the ball ends of the strings are seated correctly. the ball ends of the string should be up against the underside of the guitar's top, not against the end of the bridge pins. observe:

that is how they should be. typically you can see some of the double wrapped portion of the string between the bridge pin and the saddle when a guitar is strung correctly. i can't see that in your picture above.

OK now about your bridge pin... how were you trying to push it out from the inside? i've never encountered one that couldn't eventually be pushed out from the inside. the first thing you need to do is obviously loosen up the string. then hold the string about an inch up from the bridge pin and hold it straight up so that it's perpindicular to the guitar's top. now with quick motions, push the string down and then quickly pull it back up (deeper into the guitar and then back to tight). you need to break the lock the string creates with the pin and the bridge. after you've done this a few times, push the pin out from the inside using some hard, flat object so you can push hard without hurting your finger. push up on the pin with one hand and brace the top of your guitar behind the bridge with the other hand. this way you can push really hard (if necessary) without hurting your hand or your guitar.