ok, for the past severel contribution's i've sent in have been accepted, and i have 4 approved tabs, how come it says i have three? even go to my profile page and it will say "billy_talent_dg has 3 contributions) but then click it and it will show 4, why is this happening?
Because the UG Gods have forsaken you. They have cast you into Tab Approval Exile. The only known way to get out of this exile is to stop whining and wait for the site to update.
You know, you're probably reading this saying "Hey, I'm bored, maybe this'll be funny?"
It's not. Too bad. No, I am not refunding you those 6 seconds of your life. So :P

pretty much that.

i don't see a problem here.

the moral to this story:
"Patience is a virgin." -- Archie Bunker
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