First of all, hello to all you ug-ers (oogers, i shall now call us).

Alright, straight to the problem. Basically, I want this sound: link, which I've heard from his other performances as well. I'm looking for an acoustic guitar that best has or mimics that nylon-ey, warm, mellow sound, if that is at all possible on an acoustic steel guitar. Looking at the guitar (I may be wrong here), it looks like the frets and/or spacing is narrower or easier and thus well-suited to my annoyingly length-wanting fingers. Am I asking for something that exists? Or is it just impossible to get that sound -- from an electro-acoustic guitar -- on a fully acoustic one?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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What he's got there is a really nice and expensive Martin acoustic-electric. He's mixing the signal from what I believe is a dynamic microphone with the signal from an undersaddle transducer pickup. It's really not that hard of a sound to get out of most transducer pickups. But it's important to understand that it is expensive to get the sound to be as good as his because he's got really, really nice equipment and he's a very talented guitarist as well. If you just want something similar on a tighter budget, say around $400-$600, look into Ovation, Takamine, and Alvarez acoustic-electric guitars.