I know the quality realy sucks, but i just did it as a sorta test before i record a good version of the song down the track. Vocals are all over the place, and solo wasnt too great, but i wanted to purposely make it more raw than the Nirvana original. Kurt Cobain wasnt happy about the super-cleaness of Nevermind, and neither was I!

The link is to a myspace for an internet band me and Jacob (also on the forum) have formed, but the recordings are not band recordings; they are just a way of me uploading the songs as the UG profile thing wouldnt work. So the bad guitaring is all me, sadly.
Anywho, MySpace URL:


P.S. there is also a noisy freak out track that i made, so if you could crit that as well i would be grateful!

P.P.S We have some band originals in the works which should be ready soon, kinda Vines-ish straightforward stuff.
pretty nice...just work on the solo a bit
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well done, although I agree with the others about the solo. Generally a pretty sound cover.
thanks lads. My lead guitaring is like trying to watch an orangutan use both necks on a double necked guitar at the same time. I tried to learn the solo properly, but gave up and made it up myself to sound similiar. Thats something that definitely needs improving...

Ive been trying to concentrate on getting the vocals up to an at least decent standard, so any crit is welcome there no matter how harsh. In my opinion the recorded vocals game up realy nasal sounding.

P.S. Nice Son of a Gun cover. Maybe you should attempt something with a bit more range? try adding vocals to the about a girl cover. That would be cool.

thanks again for the feedback guys.
good voice whoever is singing!!!

a valiant attempt at a difficult solo, kurt cobain was a master at those noise-type solos which are difficult to recreate.. I mean who else could do the intro for radio-friendly unit shifter??
This is one of my favorite nirvana songs, I thought you did a pretty good job covering it.
The vocals are actually good, although I think the chorus could use a little bit work... its off sometimes.

I think the guitar tone is a sounds a little "muffled" also....

over all not bad ... you could play it live at this quality.
dont mind it
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I think the guitar tone is a sounds a little "muffled" also....

over all not bad ... you could play it live at this quality.

i pretty much recorded it live, at least guitar and vocal wise. i dont own a bass so just used my guitar and put all the low end right up. The problem with playing live is, its kinda impossible as i dont have a drummer.

I'll try and work on my recording quality/guitar tone as well. thanks guys.