Going to install in a Martin D-35...

Trying to decide between the two, I would sort of like to run both, but I'm not sure how much of a benefit it would be. I'm also not sure if I could find a good internal pre-amp that can handle dual-sources that isn't made for a mic.

Since both aren't available in guitar stores around me, here's what I can gather from the reviews and sound bites I've heard online:

K&K UltraPure Western
- Reviewers say it sounds just like their guitar, sometimes hard to seperate amp sound from the real sound
- Worried about inability to change the tone at all, as it only has a volume slider on the preamp version. Doesn't seem as crisp as the M1.

LR Baggs M1 pickup
- Best of magnetic pickups
- Seems a little brighter and thinner then the western
- Easier to install, looks cool imho
- Worried that I might not be able to hear the greatness of the d-35 and it will just sound like any other guitar plugged into a magnetic pickup

Has anyone else used either of these pickups, what are your impressions? Does it sound stupid strumming? Fingerpicking? To thin and nasally? To much bass and muddy? Other un-foreseen problems?

Are there any other quality pickups in the market I'm missing?
I have a LR Baggs M1 Active(not the passive). For me, the M1 works just fine. I usually play in a band situation and I find that the M1 is quite true to the sound of my guitar while still helping me by adding a little bit more brightness to cut through the band.

The pickup adds a little more bass and high end than what the guitar really sounds like, but I'm fine with that. The pickup sounds wonderful strummed or picked. It doesnt sound too thin and it doesnt make the bass muddy. The sound is just VERY clear and clean.

One thing I have noticed is that the pickup sounds really bad through my church's all purpose solid state amp, but it sounds amazing through the PA system.

The Active version of the M1 only has a volume control, but you can adjust the EQ by moving the pole pieces on the pickup closer or farther away from the pickup.
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well i own the k&k pure western mini note i said mini the pickup has been reviewed in the electronics for acoustics thread and you would need a preamp to control the tone as the pickup is totally passive. i love it it keeps my soundhole open incase i need a lutehole cover or feedback buster (i havent yet but i have the option in case i need to) i also have played and heard my guitar played in a full band setup and no issues there either with getting drowned out or tonal loss.

the only con i can think off is it can be a little boomy on the bass side especially in my dreadnoaught however with k&ks pure preamp i can dial out all the boominess and still have clean thumping bass (in a taylor mind you) with martin guitars leaning towards the bassier side of the tonal spectrum i dont know if it would be a problem.
i know pickup and preamp is right at 200 dollars U.S. so it is quite affordable compared to some of the other systems also it is removable and can be sold rather quickly on ebay if you find its not the one for you. also dieter at k&k is a customer service maniac and if you have any problems what so ever he is quite helpful. good luck whatever directoin you choose to go