ok so i dropped off my switchblade head at a local guitar store called music zoo. there was something wrong with the foot switch. after they notified me what is wrong around 2 weeks later after i dropped off. i told them go ahead and fix it. and now it has been almost 2 month and all they can tell me is we're are working on it.

is this the average time for a amp to be repaired? and what do you think i should if they keep dragging me on. and btw i haven't paid anything yet.
yeah............... nothing takes that long to fix. go get it and take it somewhere where the people will know what the fuk is going on
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Go get your amp back, research decent techs in your area. 2 months on a footswitch is BS.
alright i just called them up, they said they are waiting for the cable extension for the foot switch to amp. at this point they told me IT SHOULD BE ready for me at the store next Tuesday or Wednesday. if it still isn't ready by then, i'm filing a complaint while pulling the amp out from them and find someone else
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It just depends on what it is and what it takes to fix and what they have infront of your amp waiting to be fixed.

Example most amps i can turn around in 24 hours others if i have to track down parts could take 2 weeks. And being you took it to a store they might be back logged with repairs. 2 months is pretty crazy but it does happen....

I would just take it to another store and be sure to ask them the ETA and if anything is being worked on before your amp.
2 bad it just has to happen to me. oh well at least the guy who was repsonsible took the time to call up the tech to see why is he taking so long.