hi, i was hoping to get some opinions. Im trying to decide what finish i like the best out of the ones available. Heres the link, click on "finishes" near the top right to see them


I know it all comes down to what i like the best, but i truely cant decide. And it would be nice to find out what most people prefer, as i want the guitar to attract attention on stage.

The alpine white, ebony, wine red and classic white all look nice in my opinion. I'd probably be happy with any of these.

thanx for any replies.
what music do you play?
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Classic white.

EDIT: I assume you play metal, considering your Nergal avatar.
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Out of the four colours you listed I'd definetly choose alpine white but if i could choose I'd get the Fireburst colour

I'm a sucker for bursts
yeah when i buy a studio i'd get it in fireburst
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I'm partial to wine red. It's a nice color and you never really see them on Les Pauls anymore. Everybody nowadays has the Alpine White, the Classic Whites and the Ebony. Even on the Customs everybody goes for the Whites and the Blacks. MY Les Paul is white ffs.
I would choose Alpine out of those 4 just the best there.

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I'd go with fireburst.
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Alpine White with the gold hardware.

Looks classy

Fireburst look the dog danglies too.

Any that have gold hardware
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what music do you play?

I play hard rock mostly. Ill play anything though.

thanx for the replies

keep them coming please.
I thought many would choose the wine red, seeing as when you search "les paul studio" in youtube, the majority are wine red.

The fireburst isnt really my taste, so ill decide between the alpine white and wine red.

Cheers for the replies.
I love the fact that people say everyone buys black LPs, and now everyone seems to have the white ones!

And get Fireburst, they do look cool, for a studio.
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