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Have you ever had a extremely hot teacher? IIRC my kindergarden teacher was very hot, but I was five (I think), and therefore she would never look at me. I did draw her a picture of a rainbow once. She hung it up on the wall.

And my Health teacher two years ago was quite good looking. Alas, she was married and made wierd noises when she laughed, kind of like a pig. It was a turn off.

So, any hot teachers anyone?
i had two really hot teachers this year. so that made everything fun.
like a year ago or soo
my pre-algebra teacher was pretty hot
i think thats why everyone failed her class...
I had a drama teacher that was hot, her boob touched my arm once Wow I just read that sad am I? lol
Yeah one. Even the girls talk about how hot she was. She bent over to help me on the computer once, she was wearing a thong and I got a ragin boner.
yeah... in my day ive had several hot teachers....
though all were kept within a professional relationship....or were they?
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I had a drama teacher that was hot, her boob touched my arm once Wow I just read that sad am I? lol

Me too
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Yes, my English teacher last year. She would come up to me in the halls and talk to me, she wanted my cawk for sure.
I had a wicked hot english student teacher. She had a myspace, but it has dissapeared and I cant find it now =[

We got along great =]
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My Biology teacher was pretty hott..funny thing was that I was at a local show one day and ran into her and we were both like wtf?! Though we we're cool with it.

THEN we eventually find out we have the same taste in music (Built to Spill & Modest Mouse) and went to a Built to Spill concert together...and no pit I didn't do anything

Damn now i'm going to miss the pleasures of having a hot teacher in high school..
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The only teacher that is at least slightly attractive at my school would be one of the math teachers. Another science teacher had huge boobs but she wasn't that good looking.
I had four extremely hot teacher this year.

And one of them asked for my number on the last day.

But she hasn't called me yet.
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I had four extremely hot teacher this year.

And one of them asked for my number on the last day.

But she hasn't called me yet.

I feel your pain.
In 7th grade all my friends thought I was banging my science teacher cause I would always go to her class after school.... she was FINNNEE but we never did nothing =p

but if it counts I banged my manager at work who even hotter, of course Im older now so its not that big of a deal.
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There was a hot student art teacher when I was about 13 but she was only there for about a month and all my other teachers have been ugly.
My Spanish 3 teacher was crazy hot, and this really doesn't count as a teacher but my proctor for the SAT looked she jumped out of Maxim magazine and into a classroom.
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My Science teacher last year was 24 years old and pretty sexy. I always saw her looking at me, she would always call on me, and she never gave me anything less than a B in that class all year.

The funny thing is that I saw her at my friends show (who is also in her class) and she was at the bar drinking and she got up and started dancing with me. It was awkward as fuck.
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no. my school district ain't very sexy. but i hear the BCIS teacher in my high school is insanely hot
really hot P.E teacher which all the lads nursed a semi for and they were all standing round takling to her (maybe hoping for something...unlikley) so i kicked a football into the crowd only the miss every boy there and twat the P.E teacher in the nose! O i payed for that!

In 6th grade, I had a pretty hot social studies teacher. In my freshman year, second semester, we had a student teacher for algebra who was really hot.
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I have this woodwork teacher, and when you sit side on when she is taking the register, you can see through the space in her Woodwork jacket thing.
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ive had a hot student teacher in 6th and 7th grade, and we had this 19 year old sub for history once
that was a good day
I had a teacher, when I was 19, who felt my wang. Economics teacher.

And I have several hot teachers. But there's this one redhead, she's 35 I think... Wow she's incredibly hot. We get along great, I made her discover Muse.
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My 8th grade Spanish teacher was hot, she was this 21 year old Columbian chick.
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