I've always wrote down small little poems and whatnot, but this is my first actual full song, so be nice please

Memories are what make you who you are
So keep them safe, don't let them stray too far into the abyss of regret
and they will always be with you
& so will I... will I?

Fate has come in my favour
What are the chances?
Every moment, I must savour
This song is for you, for you

The Future is uncertain
How come I feel our time is up?
Whatever happens, we can work it out
My youth is the enemy, I know it's tough
We'll get through this someday.. one day..

Im not afraid to live
Not anymore
Youve given me all you can give
My soul does not sore
Memories, I'd like to deliver
My love is not lost, I'll be with you.
Don't worry, I'm just admiring the shape of your skull