I planned on getting an Vox ad50vt, i read some reviews that said this amp doesn't agree with any multi-effects pedals?
Is this true?
Thats because its a modelling amp, so its like there is a multi-effects type thing already in the amp. So if you were to mix the amps effects with a multi-effects pedal it might not go to great. But why would you use a multi-fx pedal? If you want the pedal for distortion then it would work ok on a clean channel of the vox like it works on my cube.
i used a boss gt-3 with an AD50VT and it sounded great - others didnt sound so great though. And it took ages to dial in something that sounded good. its probably not the best road to go down
well i planned on getting a multi-effects pedal in the future and have a few to start with, any better recommendations not uber expensive?
:edit: if i hit the bypass button on the amp effects will i be able to use a multi-fx pedal with ease?
or does it not work that way?