So i started tapping about a week ago and i know im doing everything right but i can never get the right sound.... i never get that awsome sound that famous guys get, the sound i get when tapping is wayy at the other end of the cosmos.

Any help?
If you aren't getting the right sound, then you aren't doing it right. Take it slow and practice the technique.
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hammer on and pull off, don't just tap the string.

There has to be a plucking motion to it.
Also, take things slowly, if you try doing it at full speed from the off you'll develop a messy technique.
Don't forget to mute the strings you are not using with your right hand's palm, otherwise you'll get lots of noise when playing with high gain settings.
Well, would the sound your getting be written in tab form as:


Where only a few notes ring out, and the rest are muted? If so, the No your not doing everything right. Sound clips would help us figure out what is going wrong.