I'm in the process of changing my strings on my strat and theres a big problem. The holes on the bottom of my bridge aren't lined up with the space on the bottom of the guitar so the strings can't come out. I have tried everything to get my high E to come out, which is the first and only string I've done, but its just not lined up so I can't. I recently got my bridge fixed because it was raised, so i think it must be due to that because this wasn't really a problem before. Help!
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i think i'm confused. Do you mean the holes that are on the plastic back plate? If that is the case, just take the plate off. Matter of fact, I took mine off on first string change and never put it back on.

If that is not the case, then post back with more info.
pics would certainly help.
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Just take the back plate off, it doesn't protect much and it's a nuisiance, I also believe it looks better without that thing.
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