what do you think about Hartke in relation to their bass cabs / heads?

does anyone have any first-hand experiences with them (good or bad)

In my opinion the HA series heads are excellent medium-budget amps, providing a very usable tones for most applications. The inclusion of a switchable graphic EQ, FX loop with adjustable level, basic compressor and other little odds and ends make it particularly versatile. One downside, though, is a noticably loud fan that makes them unsuitable for miced up recording situations.

Perhaps not as glamorous or having 'to die for' tone as some other amps, they're nevertheless good workhorses for working musicians.

The aluminium speakers are an aquired taste, I haven't had enough experience to review them. The paper coned speakers are alright, but IMO there's much better out there for the money.

Also, in my experience the kickback combos are bloody disgraceful.

Hope that's little help.
I haven't been impressed by the tone of their amps, you can find a lot better sounding amps at the same price.
Hartkes are one of the best in their price range. I don't know how to describe the tone... If you've ever played a MAG or Rumble or Backline you know about that "meh" tone. The Hartkes are above that a step. They have a very decent tone that I personally like. Also, the tone shaping is absolutely incredible, rivalled only by the Carvin BX series. Their cabs aren't the best around, though.
im a big fan of hartke I lov the treble side of bass stuff so aluminium boosts that

ive played SWR FENDER TRACE ELLIOT and just thought meh too bland

no punch to me anyway
are the aluminium speaker cabs punchy and trebly? i want to use a hartke 410bxl with an ashdown abm 115.
should work well i got a 2x10 with a 2x15 to cover lows and highs

aluminium cones a definately punchy and trebly to me

u need to try them

punchy and trebly prob arnt best words for them

they are by no means weak sounding it still sounds full to me

what i meant to say is how well do they responde to higher frequencies....
i havnt seen any shops in london thats got hartke yet:S every shop has hiwatt and ashdown, or markbass, not alot of choice..
I have a Ha2500 head, i love it to bits, even if it gets some abuse

gotta love the graphic EQ, absolute godsend, and the amp didn't cost me too much!
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they respond better to me like i said Stu hamm plays them and jaco did

and there high bass twiddlers both use harmonics etc