Yo, I'm an 18 year old guitarist who lives in the Fanshawe College area of London, Ontario. I'm currently seeking a band, or just anyone to jam with for that matter, as I have not had anyone to play with in a long time and am becoming bored out of my tree.

Lately my main influences have been the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Muse, but that's only lately. Other influences are kind of all over the place, with the expected acts such as Metallica, G'n'R, and AC/DC up there with My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold and Thrice. I also love old Arena Bluesrock, such as Johny Winter and Rory Gallagher.

I'm basically open to playing ANYTHING. I've been at the instrument for about 4 years now (only the last two of which have been serious), but I know my basic theory such as key signatures, scales, and a bit of chord theory. I also study classical guitar at the highschool level, and as such know how to semi-profeciently read music.

I'm really looking for people who will challenge me as a musician and performer, and who are pretty serious about what we'd be doing.

If you are REALLY interested email me at Nomadboy1@hotmail.com. I check my hotmail waaaay more than I check my UG profile so the chances of me getting back to you in a timely manner would be much higher.
15 and live just outside of london
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DAMN! I wish I was goin to Fanshawe now. You know how hard it is too find people that like Rory Gallagher (much less know who he his). Transfer to Conestoga next year! lol jk.
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