hello been playing a little while now and was after some advice.
i practise with backing tracks mainly which has really helped with my timing.
was wondering what is more beneficial using a metronome or use backing tracks.
i do use metronome with scales but seems when i learn songs it is hard to use due to unsual strum patterns etc.
any advice would be great,
Try starting strumming with just a rhythm instrument playing behind so you have a rhythm to go along with the strum pattern and then move to just straight quarter note clicks. If you try some flamenco rhythms you can download a recording of the compas to help you along so you'll get accustomed to playing without any instruments and then it should be easier to play to, say, just quarter note clicks from a metronome.
depends what you're doing, if you're practicing a song, backing track, but if its a lick or exercise metronome
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Most modern recording is done with a metronome, so you should have some experience with a metronome, even if you do most of your practicing without one.