Thinking about getting this amp. I've watched tons of videos, and even tried one, and it sounds great. Seems like a good general valve amp, which has decent cleans, and gets fairly heavy if you want it to (not quite enough for metal, in my opinion) as standard. It would only take a couple pedals to push it further into metal if I wanted it to. I'm not a big metal head, so that's why I'm not getting metal, and I need an amp that will be good for a cover band. A metal amp will not be good. I'm also a 50W kind of chap. As said, I'm going to get into a covers band (whilst at uni, to make some money and have some fun doing it), and need a good general amp. I was just going to buy a DSL50. However, this amp has peaked my interest, and is incredibly great value.

There's one issue- it has no effects loop. Now, this is not necessarily a deal-breaker, and I'm not a user of effects loops currently.. but I'd like that feature on my gigging amp. Would it be simple to mod an effects loop onto the Epiphone So-Cal 50? Has anyone here done anything like this before? I don't really want to pay like £200 extra just for an effects loop. Thanks in advance for any info/help.
I have the so cal 50 and it is a very nice amp. I just use a metal muff and you can get all the metal sounds you want. you shouldn't have to put an effects loop in the amp. Just get a distortion pedal you like and try that and see if it is enough for you. With my metal muff, I can get anywhere from classic rock sounds to brutal death metal by turning the distortion knob.

Hope this helps.
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