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how often do you need to change electric guitar strings???
The reason I ask is somebody told me they go dead, and lose tone
is this correct??? I normally play about 2 hours every evening.
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it depends of how much you play and lots of different stuff i change mine a bout every month cause im poor and cant afford to buy strings every other week haha
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Times you play a week per month is a good estimate. You can probably half the amount of times you do it if you use Elixirs or extended life strings like the GHS Infinity.
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every day if you can afford to
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Im lazy so i change them every few months, and because unless my parents are away im playing through an MG so it doesnt make a difference, but for 2 hours every night then every 3-4 weeks should be fine.
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Quote by danielrobbyshor
every day if you can afford to

Yeah I tend to change mine every time I play. It really helps you play better
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Quote by danielrobbyshor
every day if you can afford to

well depending on how long you play a day, but i mean come on.. new strings take a few days to set in to get that good tone...i mean "brand new" strings sometimes sound worst than old ones

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Quote by danielrobbyshor
every day if you can afford to

That's just silly, not to mention incredibly tedious.

Every couple of months is about right for your average home player, I know a few guys who change before every gig but that's about as far as you need to go.
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Quote by Ghold125
i change mine every 2 weeks

you really only need to change them once a month at the latest

2 weeks is kinda unnecessary though, even though i change mine like literally every 10 days lol

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Quote by Ssargentslayer
Yeah I tend to change mine every time I play. It really helps you play better

i think thats bs. you dont need to change your strings every time you play, your just wasting money.
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every few weeks, and defo before every gig
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If you play a couple of hours a night you should be fine changing strings about every other week...if you had to you could probably last a month. If you were playing 3-4 hours a day once a week is probably more accurate.
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what strings should i get? ive never changed the strings on my guitar and ive had it for like 5months.. i dunno much about it all as im still relatively new to the guitar scene.
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Crap. The last time I changed my electric strings was like a year ago...
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Rub your finger under the guitar. If you look at your finger and see smudge and crap, change the strings.

Just take the guitar to your local shop and be a noob and say recomend me some strings. I did that for a while.
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Usually every month or 2, that includes band practice twice a week and the rare small gig, I get excited when I buy a new gauge/brand of strings. :$
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Going on 2 months now for both my guitars. The strings look and play good, so why change em just to change em???? BTW, I have 4 sets of reserves, so its not a matter of me being cheap. Theres just no need.

*Oh, and a hint to some of yall--try washing your hands before you play or practice. Your strings and fretboard will thank your for it. (ya nasty bastards)*
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I changed mine last about a month and a half ago, and have played 2 gigs in that time ((last one yesterday). The tone has now finally gone, after that performance, and was 'going' before that.
New strings sound better, and feel better, but not brand new strings.
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Every 2 weeks or so.
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Quote by steven seagull
That's just silly, not to mention incredibly tedious.

Every couple of months is about right for your average home player, I know a few guys who change before every gig but that's about as far as you need to go.

yeah, i only change mine every several months. but then the climate's not too extreme here. EDIT: well, other than extremely shit.

it depends on a bunch of factors, i guess.
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Depends on the guitar.

Strats and teles I change more often. Gibsons and Gibson type guitar less often cause it just doesn't seem critical to have good bright tones with those twin humbucker guitars.
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i generally put on a new set whenever one breaks,
so usually...
4-6 weeks
depends on the strings too
some last way longer than others
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Quote by timzee117
2 weeks is kinda unnecessary though, even though i change mine like literally every 10 days lol

It's more like 3 weeks, but about every 20 days. And I buy strings in bulk
but now im in a rut, I changed from skinny top/heavy bottoms, to regular slinky's. So now im stuck with 6 packets for strings. But when I get my new guitar, i have a hard choice
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Some people have to change them more than others really. I usually change mine more or less every 2 months and I keep them clean with a soft shammy cloth. Pinch each string with a cloth between your fingers and the string and run it down the string and back up, then look at what comes off of your hands after you play.

Now on the other hand, one of my guitarists doesn't have to change his strings for 6 months because he uses coated strings, and for some reason, even when the coating is gone, the things don't even rust. When I use coated strings, the parts of the string where it makes contact with the fret wears away the coating, and the rust builds up like crazy.
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it depends on the type of strings you use, how often you play, how hard you play (how hard you fret and how hard you attack the strings), and how dirty/sweaty/greasy your hands are when you play.

If you wash your hands before you play, dont sweat much or have greasy hands while playing, dont murder your strings, and use plain steel strings, you should change them no later than every 3 months, preferably every 2 or 1 1/2. If you clean your strings off with a microfiber cloth or something before and after you play they should last longer too.
If you use coated strings your looking at a basic rule of thumb of about every 6 months or sooner.
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For me, I just change until my finger gets dirty from sliding my fingers down the string, or when one breaks. Or just change them every month or so.
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When ever I can get the money to buy them. I'm so broke it's not even funny lol
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Like everyone else said, it depends how much your play. I do it every couple of months.
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Quote by Axe Murder
*Oh, and a hint to some of yall--try washing your hands before you play or practice. Your strings and fretboard will thank your for it. (ya nasty bastards)*

If only you knew the diseases my guitar strings carry...

The biggest problem I have with strings is intonation...which seems to to be affected by gunk on the strings and when the strings oxidize from sweat. I put on a brand new pair of strings and in one day the plain steel strings look like they have oxidized because I forgot to wipe them down after playing. I can deal with dull tone for practicing until a gig is coming up but having strings out of intonation is frustrating.

I was told by a guitar tech that the pros will change the strings on a guitar after only two hours of playing. That is why he said so many players try to get endorsed by any string manufacturer they can, because new strings are better than brand X strings.
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You don't ever need to, technically. It really doesn't matter, and there isn't a rule or standard. Just whenever you feel you need to.

I like doing it ever 3 months or so, because I cannot stand the "new string feel".
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I usually change my strings at the start of a new semester and the beginning of summer or if I break a sting I'll replace them all. So roughly once every 4 months even though I play like 2-4 hours a day. I simply hate the feel and sound of new strings.

On a semi-related note; I think I haven't changed the strings on my bass in like 2 years... but I only play that occasionally.
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When a string breaks. :P
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It depends on how much you play, how acidic your skin oils are, and how you like your tone. For myself, I love the typical tone knob rolled down jazz guitar tone with flatwound strings, which sound a little dull from the beginning, so I end up changing strings.. every time I feel like testing a new gauge. I havent touched the strings on my archtop in maybe 7-8 months, whereas I just changed to 12's recently on my Telecaster, so it was strung 2 weeks ago.