And I'll tell you why.

Me and my two friends were coming home on the bus after we'd had a session. We were all pretty tired and the bus was semi-crowded. There were two kids with skateboards, they couldn't have been much older than 13. Their friends were sitting at the back of the bus and they decided to have a conversation by shouting to each other.

They then decided to move to the front, so the general arrangement was like this-

Kid Kid
Old lady
Kid Kid

And some of the language they were coming out with was pretty horrendous. They had a poor old lady inbetween them, which would have been uncomfortable enough for her but they were saying all the words you can think of, coming out with phrases like 'You suck donkey dick' to each other and being hugely racist on top of that.

My two friends were getting pissed off as well, but we were all too tired/stoned to really do anything. They both got off before me and my one friend whispered 'Make sure you do something before you get off'. So when my stop came, instead of waiting at the front of the bus until the door opened I stayed in my seat. I nicked the one kids hat from him and ran off the bus when the door was fully open. I waved it out when I got off and he looked really upset

By the way, I'm not trying to look hard or anything. He was being a little dickhead and I decided to punish him for it.

Any stories similar to this?
In my country, hat is made of hay and bus does not have any gasoline.
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Is this gonna be another one of those "racist pricks did **** to me so I did something bad to them, they saw me later and beat the **** out of me" threads?
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Did you put his Hatton?


But once someone called me gay, so I cut his kneecaps off.

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wow. i bet he cried. that is so mean. i hope you burn in hell.

For rightfully punishing a bad-mannered a racist teen who possibly stole the hat to begin with?
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Is this gonna be another one of those "racist pricks did **** to me so I did something bad to them, they saw me later and beat the **** out of me" threads?

No. I'm sharing my story of me being so totally hard and badass and asking if anybody has any similar ones.
you should've kicked him in the balls, that would've made much more of an impact, and taught him a lesson, not to mention make you feel superior to him.
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lulz, i don't think god can forgive u man, so low, stealing someones hat like that.

btw couldn't u do somethink worse than that (no offence)