Haha, no they don't.

They suck, just like every other generic 90's band.

Their longetivity far, far exeeds their talent.
I bought their Ignorance is Bliss album for $1.50 at a Goodwill. I really liked that song I wont Lie Down and it turns out this album is considered their worst, or at least most different. I thought it was pretty good, just takes getting used to.
Have always really enjoyed them, finally got to see them play at v-fest a couple weeks ago. Big Choice is my favorite album of theirs.
Again, Brian was right about this. This band sucks.
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one of my favourite bands of all time

Ignorance is Bliss wasnt their worst, just their most unpopular because they tried to do something different, its a great album.

when they got back together for groezrock was the best news ever since i never got the chance to see them before they broke up, hopefully theyre gonna do a few more shows an end up in the Uk at some point.

has anyone checked out trevors solo stuff? its really good, kind of like ignorance is bliss


also by v-fest did you mean virgin festival in the UK because if they played that im gonna cry
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Mediocre.........TYPICAL american punkrock.......

Face to Face is a song by Pete Townsend

Typical ANYWHERE punk rock. I say that on the basis that every band on the planet sounds like a bad american fat wreck band.