Can you recommend me some compositions for play like "level 42", having interesting slap bass lines and solos, of course with tabs on this site.
Are there on Ultimate Guitar the band tabs like I' looking for? I wanna play like with band, with other guitars or something else.

Or Can I find the band tabs with double bass lines? like "Montgomery, Wes - Four On Six" Song or something like this

plz help me if you can

Dune tune by level 42 can easily be arranged for two basses and the tab here is pretty good.
If you take the time to learn Bach's Badinerie (Orchestral Suite No.2), it makes for a good "bass battle" with each bass playing a phrase at a time. Unfortunately, a tab for that composition does not exist, so you'll have to learn it the old fashioned-way.
Sorry, I read "double bass lines" as "two bass lines". A good double bass song to learn would be take five by Paul Desmond. There isn't a tab for it but the line isn't very complex either.
Thanks for Advices friends

Oh Classic style playing is my favourite, I had time to play some yngiew malmsteems Bass lines, it was really nice and I'd really like to improve my playign skill on this way.

I'll try Soul Coughing, Hope to find some interesting lines
Paul descmonds take 5 is nice but, you just loop the same bass line,
It's more interesting to play not the same notes, something like , niels pederson (oscar peterson's bass)