I was at guitar center and tried out some guitars, SG, Strat, Les Paul, and a couple of acoustics and I found out that the action was SO LOW on them, I mean you could barely slip a medium pick between the 1st fret and string. I was wondering how do they have it that low and not have any buzz. I tried to lower my action on my own guitar when I got home and I at the action as low as possible. It's about 2 mm above the 12th fret and the truss rod is barely bowed. Oh yea I tried a Marshall MG 15DFX so see what is all the hate about this amp and I was actually impressed, to me it sounded pretty good. I tried to compare it to a roland Cube 15x but could not find one, maybe I would have a different opinion about it if I would have tried that one.

if you can get the bridge and the nut aligned right its easy.

and you're going to get flamed beyond belief for your mg comment.
and you're going to get flamed beyond belief for your mg comment.

guys... go easy on me....
Not all guitars can have such low action. On some (especially cheaper ones) the frets have not been levelled precisely enough, so you'll get buzz when you try that on a Squier or something similar. On the other hand, too low action feels uncomfortable anyway.
About MGs: I had the same impression when hearing it for the first time. But believe me, the longer you know it the more you dislike it, the tone is kinda thin and hollow when you set it up for heavier distortion and muddy when you try to counter this by turning the mid-knob to the right. You will really hate it after some years. Same goes for the Marshall AVT.