We have recently finished this guitar:

Click here for more pictures

Click here for a video of her being played

I built her and charlene painted her.

She plays great and has been given lots of love.

It is time for her to find a loving home.


Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Body: Poplar
Tuners: Sprezel 3x3 Locking Black
Nut: Graph Tech
Frets: 24 nickel - silver fretwire
Scale: 25"
Radius: 12"
Bridge: Black Hardtail
Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan Hot Rail SHR-1
Neck Pickup: Fender MIM Neck
Black Strap Buttons

The finish is not perfect, there are some small bumps here and there, I don't have a spray gun yet so it was done with spray cans. It still looks nice and plays great.

We don't plan on selling this for tons either, so this is a good chance to get something totally unique and cool for a good price.

e-mail: inquiries@muikoma.com

Comments welcome

Thanks for looking
thats really cool !

free bump my friend !
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I like the finish, a lot. Personally, I think the shape of the body is a little bit awkward and maybe too narrow but it's a pretty cool guitar. You definitely nailed the "unique" idea, as it says on the website.
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recently i have added abalone side dots, i will be improving the finish soon, anyone think the pickup rings clash with the finsih? maybe the red in them should be gold?