I have just recieved my new agile al-2000 in cherry sunburst today and i have a few questions.

i use a roland microcube and a fender frontman, the agile sounds sorta fuzzy and messed up on the cube for some reason its not as full of a sound as it should be, is it the chord? or is it the guitar? or amp i dunno

second is i was wondering if i should get a setup on it, it came right out of the factory.

3rdly what are really good long lasting strings? i need new ones on this guitar cause they wont last long i can tell
1) It might be the amp, although I have heard that Microcubes are decent, and wouldn't really do that

2) Yes, unless everything seems in perfect order

£ Maybe Elixers, I don't like them, but you may.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
my cube worked awsomely on my ibanez rg but on the al-2000 it sounds sorta crappy
however it sounds great on the fender frontman