Just checked my local music shop and the Rode NT3 condenser microphone is the best they have in my price range. Anyone familiar with how good this microphone is for recording, or am I better off saving for the next one that's twice as much.
It's a "Medium" diaphragm mic instead of the NT1A large diaphragm so it may sounds a little different however I think you'll be happy with it since it's no low priced mic. I have never used the NT3 so I cant say much about it...

also look around shops online and such...
I think the NT1A is a better choice but thats just my opinion.

you may want to try a search at the studio-central board to see if anyone reviewed it.

Ive heard the NT5 was good but never heard anything about the NT3 yet...
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What do you have as a preamp?

And a medium diaphragm condenser is fine...it may not catch all the subtleties of a performance or be as quiet as a large one, but it'll give you a really nice usable sound. Rode's a solid brand. You should try it out first with equipment like what you are using, and try models that are similarly priced from Shure, AKG, and Samson.
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What do you have as a preamp?

A Behringer Ultra-gain tube preamp, with a connection to go balanced out straight into a USB.
iv got one and i liek it, you can hear how it sounds if you click teh link to my music in my sig

it is a good mic and it's battery powered to so you don't haev to have a power supply for it

i will say though that when i was testing it out before i bought it i dd use a large diapragm behringer mic which was slightly cheaper and was very similar quality wise

it was either this https://www.billyhydemusic.com.au/shop/index.cfm?action=view&id=1633

or this