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Does anyone have any experience with the Harley Benton cabinets? It's the home-brand of thomann.de. I think they're pretty cheap, but I have no experience in cabinets.

Harley Benton G412

Harley Benton G412A angled guitar cabinet - 250W RMS into 8 Ohms (mono), 2x 16 Ohm (stereo), 4x 12" speakers, large bin handles, jack connection, removable castors, plywood construction, 129dB max. SPL. Dimensions: 742 x 345 x 742mm. Weight: 39kg. Colour: Black.

Price: 168€ = 266USD

Harley Benton G412A Vintage

Harley Benton G412A vintage guitar cabinet - 4x12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, angled, 240watts into 8ohms, 2x 120watts into 16ohms, 16mm plywood construction, black Tolex covering, trim strip and castors. Dimensions: 742 x 345 x 742mm. Weight: 39kg.

Price: 345€ = 547USD

Are they any decent? What would be best: buying the cheapest model and replacing the speakers myself, or is the Celestion v30 model better for my situation? Or are the speakers of the cheapest model good as well.

I plan to play rock 'n roll, and a bit of metal. Think: White stripes, Aerosmith, Van Halen, 3 Doors Down, Metallica (old and new stuff), Iron Maiden.

If a speaker change is in place, what model? I've listend to soundclips on celestion.com, but i bet those are EQ'ed as hell so you can't really tell. For now i like the G12T-75 the best, then greenbacks and then the v30.

Do the speakers make that big of a difference anyway?
maybe the Vintage one cause it has Celestions in it...but I heard bad things about harley benton amp section...never played one tho.
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The cheaper one WITHOUT the celestions will be TERRIBLE.
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