I thought the song was pretty good. I couldn't hear what you were singing alot of the time though. So I decided to check out your myspace page. All those songs were pretty good too. I thought your guitar playing was solid and your melodies were very good as well. Your lyrics are catchy and very commercial. Your vocals are good, you have a nice voice, but you are a little pitchy at times. Not too bad though. Nothing that can't be corrected easily.

Overall good job!!

The song and guitar playing were very good. But the singing gets is pitchy sometimes. But you do have a good voice.
That was great, I checked out your myspace songs as well.... those were good too. I'm Alive was really good.. the nature of your songs make it really easy to grasp the emotion your conveying and thats what its all about really. You've got quite some talent, only thing I would suggest... would be to.... Try experimenting with some reverb on the vocals, maybe on the guitars too, I think that would give it some more depth and be more professional sounding.