My band is playing a gig on august 30th, it's our first one. It's a smaller venue, and I'm sure the size amps we have will suffice (The owner even spoke against mic-ing the drums). They have an in-house PA, and we have one as well. We usually only run our PA system through the monitors, so all we have is vocals in them. How will this affect our sound, and is there some way that we should run the vocals through the in-house PA as well, so our vocals will go through the stage speakers? I am at a loss for what to do, and I don't want to be ill-prepared for this performance, so if anyone could offer some advice or help of any kind on my situation, I would greatly appreciate it. thanks.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, we don't have a mixer, and as far as i can remember, there is no in-house sound guy at the venue.
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well im not an expert but i'll give u my opinion...smaller places often echo alot (more so from the drums) not putting mics on the drums may be a good idea but at the same time u wont get the sound quallity as normall. .i personally have vocal amps strictly for the vocals, sometimes i'll run a guitar through them but not to often. as long at the vocals can be heard without to much feedback and other crap that comes with vocals, and the drums dont drown out the rest of your band i think you should be fine. just take it as it comes...you wont really know untill you start setting up and doing sound checks. after that u can make final decisions weather or not to leave and take out equipment.. hope that helps you some, and good luck.
You shouldn't need to worry about mic-ing anything. You could mic the bass drum if you really wanted to because it's hard to hear most the time. Also, I would say leave your PA at home. If they have an in-house PA use that for the vocals. They should have monitors for you guys to hear the vocals as well. I would highly recommend trying to find someone competent to run the sound board for the PA. Otherwise, the vocals will either drown out the instruments or will be buried under them. That always seems to happen when there's a dumb soundguy or none at all.
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hold on - let me get this straight.

You use your own PA at a venue that provides one?

Your PA has no mixer?

I have to have something wrong.

If not please explain at least the Mixerless PA to me.

Yeah, I was thinking that.
If they have a fully usable in house PA, then just leave yours at home, it's only going to be extra hassle setting it up and stripping it down again.
All you really need is someone who knows how to operate a mixer, which is basicaly just a series of gain, bass, middle, treble and volume controls for each mic.
Surely you know someone who can operate one?
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