I was wondering, does the additional middle pickup ever get in the way of your picking?

Also, does the middle pickup actually sound any good?
Well, it didn't really for me. I guess it's all down to pick attack.

I never used it to be honest, I like to go Ritchie Blackmore and not use it.
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yes, plenty of times. my rythm guitarist had a gibby black beauty look alike les paul, i always end up scratching the middle pup with my pick, just can't deal with it,
It depends on how you play. I always find myself catching the neck pickup with my thumbpicks. So it would REALLY piss me off having that chunky humbucker there.
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I think if you do pinch harmonic the way I do, the middle pickup might pose a little bit of problem.

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That's what I thought. I wonder why Gibson bothers with 3 pickups. I really don't like the look.
yea, it looks pretty ugly. I've never played it so can't comment about the picking.
i think they look nice.....anyway what sound does it make?Is it closer to the neck or bridge pup?
i dunno, i have the epiphone black beauty and i find the middle pup doesn't get in the way at all when i pick
and it looks freaking sexy
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I'd imagine it would. Sometimes if I'm picking over my bridge pickup for some reason, my pick is literally resting on the pickup itself as I pick the strings. My bridge pickup is pretty high