I've never really listened to any form of electronic music before, but I heard this dillinger song and it got me thinking. Is there any bands out there that use drum machines, synth, and other electronic instuments that don't have vocals?

I want a good beat with interesting or cool sounding parts. But I don't wanna be listening to rap beats. Does such a band exist? And if so could you point me in their direction?

EDIT: You guys don't have to ****in talk to me like I'm a retard. If you have the ability to read you would have just read that I've never listened to any form of electronic music before, hence I know nothing about the genre.

And so far, all the bands I've found on my own have vocals.
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yeah, that's kind of a tough call. i'd say daft punk would be a good start, since the only vox used are loops. as for other types of non-rap/hip-hop sounding electronic, look into trance music, which is a lot of the electronic i listen to. some notable artists would be Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Darude, etc. also another band i think you would like that's a little more "band-like" would be Pendulum, they're quite unique.

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You're seriously asking for electronic music with no vocals? About 90% of electronic music has no vocals.

This is true.
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I'd recommend you'd head over to the stickied Techno & Dance thread, and also the Really General Guide to Dance Music.
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