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You need to wear a leather jacket all day in 60+ degree weather before you buy it.

Trust me.

That's more like it.
Quote by freedoms_stain
You need to wear a leather jacket before you buy it.

Trust me.

I'll concur with this.
I have weared many who feels kind of weird on annoying to wear, and i've tried several that feels fantastic to wear. It's hard to pick one from the internet that suits you the best.
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Oh ok. Good point. How do you guys recommend getting the metal studs in?

A Staple Gun
studs? put ur jacket over a solid piece of lead and shoot the thing, hopefully the bullets will stay on...
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i've been meaning to buy one. i'd love to have one like the one that dave mustaine wears in the wake up dead video or the in my darkest hour. in the village they go for like 80 i think,but i should try and buy one at the thrift shop.
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Don't buy a new leather jacket. Old ones are usually better made and more comfortable.

You could rub it down with a sander for a quick 'aged' look.
They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
I have a vintage one from the 70's, it's damn comfortabe, and it was given to me, so no cash transaction there.
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