hello everyone. I'm having lots of trouble finding a very popular song and could not think of a better place to ask than this. yes I have tried google but hasn't done any good most results i get point to the eagles' song. which is not cause i know that one.

anyway here's what I know: slow tempo acoustic ballad. late 80s or early 90s possibly. male singer. the only lyrics I remember is just one line from the chorus (sorry bout that hehe)on top of a pretty kickarse beatiful guitar melody that goes:

cause Iiiiii'm aaaaaal-reaaaa-dyyyy goooonnnnne.

any suggestions appreciated. thanks in advance


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Phil Vassar?
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Wilson Phillips, Diamond Rio, Eagles, Phil Vassar, P.E.A.C.E, Firewater, Carey Blackwell. Thats all I have.
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not Twenty2 nor Firewater. thanks. I forgot to mention it's a love song.
if its not from the 80's or 90's but
dusk and summer by dashboard confessional comes to mind
not diamond rio
not wilson philips

another thing...its just an acoustic guitar and voice. no drums at all.
not montgomery gentry. thanks.

let's recap:

*slow tempo acoustic ballad. guitar and voice only.
*late 80s or early 90s. --come to think of it, it could be even older than that. :S:S
*male singer.
*love song feeling
*"cause Iiiiii'm aaaaaal-reaaaa-dyyyy goooonnnnne." (with backup vocals..could be duo or two voice tracks by a solo)
*NOT the effn eagles (lol) or any of the other artists mentioned. thanks to all for trying.
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there are some short pauses between each syllable and a longer one right before "gooone"

im already gone

i googled it. that probably compleatly wrong + random
just acoustic guitar and voice? that's pretty significant don't you think?
yes. there are other instruments probably but those are the most distinctive. remember: no drums. no rock feeling. about the chorus line: the voice is in crescendo and it is the climax of the song.
thanks again