Hey, I play bass, and I can't manage to keep the bass going at the right tempos and such when I try to sing along with it. Does anyone know of any ways to learn how to do this?
Work hard on your bass skills. If you can play a song without really paying attention to what your fingers are doing you can manage to sing along easily. What songs are you playing?
If you want to become a good bassist/singer you should try some Beatles stuff.
Practise the two seperately and then put them together at a slower tempo and build up to a faster tempo. It's the same as co-ordinating the right and left hand get them working properly in unison and slowly build up the speed.

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Yeah, it just takes practice. I couldn't do it at all a couple years ago, but know it seems really easy, for the most part at least.
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Well, I remember reading an article with Alexi Laiho from COB where he said when practicing the stuff for Are You Dead Yet?, he'd slow down all the riffs he had to sing over, play and sing them slowly till they were perfect, then speed it up till it was at the desired tempo. I've done it and it works, so give it a shot.
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Yes. That thread is the only place for singing related questions. I know this thread also talks about keeping a good tempo, but anything singing goes into the Only singing thread. Closed.

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