Sup everyone !

so the situation is as follows, im completely torn between what guitar to get..
i got a budget on about $1500 and i'm in rather desperate need of a new guitar.

luckily i got the amp side covered so i can just focus on the guitar.
so today i went to the local shop and checked out and played some guitars, and i found this pretty awesome '83 Tokai Silver Star (used) for about $1200
i also checked out a Fender Highway One Strat which i thought was pretty fun to play with too, it was equipped with a humbucker on the bridge side and all

i am ofcourse open to other suggestions, i rarely buy guitars so when i do i'd rather buy a one i can use as my little slave and work it, also ofcourse be comfortable with.
so far i've only played those two, as almost all of the other strats were way above my prisrange =(

so would i be crazy not going for that tokai? they seem pretty valuable to me, for some reason..anyone with experience regarding these guitars?

oh btw i play lots of blues and classical rock, some metal =)

help is veeery appreciated!

ps: sorry for the rant
Tokai's are fairly good from the LP model's I've played, I've never personally played the Strat models, but if it's anything like the LP's to go by, take that over an American Strat.
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thanks guys for the input !
i'll go back and play on them some more i guess
i hate choices =P
i've got an '84 goldstar, and it's badass. Silverstars are meant to be similarly good. But $1200? Jeez, that's a lot. On ebay here in the UK, they go for about £200-£300 (which is about $400-$600), as they aren't as sought after as the tokai goldstars and springysounds (the 50s and 60s strat copies). Though they may be less common in the USA, and hence more expensive. Also, buying one in a store will bump the price up too as they'll have to get their cut as well.

Obviously there's a bit more risk compared to one you can try in a shop, but that does sound expensive to me.

another thing to consider is that it's pretty hard to distinguish the different models- there are higher end models, and lower-end models. They're all pretty nice, but the higher end models are nicer of course, and you definitely don't want to be paying an ST-120 price for an ST-50!

There's some good info here and here. You could ask on the forums too.
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