Hey all,

So the title pretty much sums up what we're after. We play metal thats influenced by modern bands as well as hardcore & 80s thrash. Our sound is metalcore/melodic death.

We're looking for a 2nd guitarist to thicken up our sound and play some lead parts if you're into that. What you need:

- most important is that you are into heavy music (thrash, death, core, whatever)
- tight rhythm playing
- decent gear (doesnt need to be amazing, just need to be heard over bass, drums, guitar and vocals at rehearsal).
- to be free on Sundays for rehearsals
- transport to rehearsal (Greenacre/Belmore area)
- no egos or personal bull**** (drug users, alcoholics, dudes with girlfriend issues etc need not apply).

We have a few songs written that we are finishing up now. We also have heaps of leftover riffs. Both the guitarist and I (bass player) are studying audio, so we will be recording asap. All of us are in our early 20s so around that age would be cool. We already have the rest of the line-up in place, so if you have mates that want to sing etc, sorry it aint gonna happen.

We're looking for someone to bring their own sound/influences, so I wont bother listing all the crap we listen to.

Head over to www.myspace.com/tothegravemetal to hear a ROUGH demo of one of our songs, and if you like what you hear send us an email: tothegravemetal@hotmail.com or send me a PM on here.

Thanks for reading.
dam it! you are all in your early 20's. i wanna start a thrash band lol. i need people around my age though (16)