i just checked my last.fm and it's completely different now. to be honest, i don't really like and i wish i could just change mine back to how it was.
it looks tacky and the hue of red is crap now
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Dear god! It's hideous! Don't fix something that's not broken dammit.

EDIT: It updated my top tracks though. Woo. Hoo. ?
i didnt like it either

i liked how all the info used to be easy to find
now theres too many pics and graphics like large band pics of your top weekly bands

and it only has your top 15 overal on your profile now
Much like how they redone myspace, I presume? I ****ing hate the new homepage, makes my computer run so godamn slow, and some of the ads cause my IE to crash (This is at my dads, not where I live).

But on topic, what is Last.FM, exactly?
^ It's a thing that keep track of how much you listen to an artist and certain tracks etc. Charts, compatibility with others, artist pages and you can check out recommended artsits, etc. It's really useful if you love stats put into easy to read format like I do.
Yeah, it's Last.fm beta (or at least was, maybe it's public now). Mine's been like that for a few weeks.

It reminds me of Bebo... I hate Bebo.
It's... alright. It's a little too... "vertical." I like the Recently Listened Tracks part, but everything else is kinda meh. They could make a bit more use with all that empty space on the right side, rather than having every section below the other.
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the new layout is horrible. really slow to load everything up.

really? mine seems to load up fine. i just hate all the pictures and all the wasted room there is now.
well, mostly it is that little playlist thingy in the corner that loads really slowly.
Heeey it managed to shave off 3 or 4,000 plays of my count. Anyone else have this happen?
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Heeey it managed to shave off 3 or 4,000 plays of my count. Anyone else have this happen?

Yeah, mine's gone down from 13,000 to 11,000
I prefered the old version, but this is ok.
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I don't like how narrow the page looks now. It's ok though.
It's gonna be a blue day