Hey guys, I wrote this neat little riff and now I need to know what key/scale it's in so I can do some progressions/more riffs and evolve it into a song.


Then I found out that a D# over chord works well, but I can't find a scale that sounds good with it.

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well your "chords" are diads which somewhat imply

Bb, Eb5, Bb5 , Eb5

id say Eb minor pentatonic with the bluesy b7 and 7
It seems to be in Bb major, apart from that C# (fret 2 on the B string).
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It seems to be in Bb major, apart from that C# (fret 2 on the B string).

Bb major should still work. That fret 2 is only a quick pull-off then hammer-on fret 3. I think of a scale as more of a guide than a limitation so it's ok to go outside it sometimes.