i've always struggled with pull-offs so just a quick question. ive heard they arent really "pull" offs, theyre more of "flick" offs where you flick the string. is this right? or does the real sound come from just actually pulling off the string? if it is flicking, do you flick up (like extend your finger) or flick down (moving toward youre palm). hope this makes sense. thanks
id say move towards your palm.
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my problem is whenever i do it i always hit the next string, i assume practice will help. any tips?
try doing a trill lick where you just constantly hammer-on and pull-off, dont pick anything. when you do it the finger you are h-on and p-off with should make almost a circular motion.
(the circle being parallel to the fret board). You kinda pull down then before you hit the string, lift your finger.
i wouldnt say flick down but flick diagonally down so your flick downwards but away from the next string. Also make sure both notes are crystal clear that last thing you would want is getting into a bad habit of sloppy pulls off's hope that helps!