That voice sounds godlike....Wait..are they just saying la la la la? oober and ober again? ober and ober?

Ahh who gives a shit. It sounds decent to me.
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Just discovered this very nice folk/black metal band called Sorgsvart, a one-man band. Currently listening to "Vikingtid Og Anark." Sounds like a great album.

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Trøst (3 1/2 minute instrumental)


^Cool song, but I can't help but kinda laugh at the keyboard intro.

Overall quality musician if you ask me.

+1 It wouldn't be nearly as funny if they used a different midi sound though. They sound good though, I'll try to pick up some of their stuff when I get the chance.
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I can see it now. "Dark Thrones and Black People".

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I'm somewhat familiar with them.

They're quite good, as I recall.

I'll give a more detailed post when time permits.
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I've so far only heard the song Vikingtid Og Anarki two days ago. But man, was that song beautiful or what? Need moar!
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I never bought this album 'cos I originally heard Kråkaviso and was under the impression that they just did black metal covers of Norwegian folk songs (and I've heard way better covers of Kråkaviso!). I just got it second-hand from a friend and I've conceded to the grandness of Vikingtid og Anarki. This album is ****ing grand. So I'm bumping this topic because, outside of this thread, there's hardly any Sorgsvart discussion over here.
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