I am currently window shopping for an electric. I have an electric-acoustic that I am VERY satisfied with but there's a limit as to what kind of music I can play on it. I'm looking to get into metal but I want to be able to fall back to blues also. Are there any guitars sold out there, without having to do much custom work on it, that will allow me to do this?

Also, I've checked a couple of custom guitar companies and less widespread or less known companies (I don't know if this is true, but I've never seen these guys! a pity since their guitars are BEAUIFUL) like Ernie Ball Musicman's Axis Guitar and the Zion Fifty. The Zion Fifty caught my eye and I had to ask what model is it? It looks like a telecaster but there are just small things that makes me hesitate to classify it as one.

The Zion Fifty

I dunno if links are allowed on this forum (my first time!) so if they're not, just let me know and I'll take it off.

Thanks everyone who answers my questions or leaves a comment!
Why don't you think that is a Tele? And Zion are not going to be cheap instruments. They were a high end company even back in the 80s. What is your budget? There are lots of some companies like Suhr, Anderson, James Tyler (the big three IMO), GMW, Lag, Vigier, and Grosh who, for a price, will build anything you want.
Links are allowed, just no advertising.

As for cool companies check out:

Vigier (http://www.vigierguitars.com)

Caparison (http://www.kyowashokai.co.jp/caparison.html)

Suhr (http://www.suhrguitars.com/)

Blackmachine (http://www.blackmachine.net)

Conklin (http://www.conklinguitars.com)

There are plenty of other companies out there, too (like Tom Anderson, Parker (although they're pretty well known), Ormsby, etc.).

All of them build very versatile instruments, just keep in mind that they come with a hefty price tag.

Companies like Ran and Carvin also have custom instruments, but they're usually less expensive.
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Musicman Axis is a fantastic guitar.

Also look in to the Carvin guitars, and some Schecters as well.
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blade is pretty unheard of, also Lag which are french made. Both of them make quality guitars. Don't know if you can get them in the US.
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Oh I know Zion is high end company lol. I read up on them and also asked for a quote ($2200 for a fifty guitar). But I only just learned about them so I thought they weren't as popular as say fender.

My budget is up to 600 at the moment. But I'll definitely check out the companies you guys suggested.

Also, the zion fifty just had minor differences. The shape is a telecaster but, it just doesn't look right to me I guess it's the flatness of the guitar. No curves and no pickguard just makes it look so different and absolutely amazing.
huh, I guess I should throw this in there, have any of you seen a fender telecaster or any telecaster that looks like the fifty? The flatness + no pickguard aspect. I know looks is a bad basis for buying a guitar, but quality plus looks is awesome combined.
Well, most people define Tele by the shape and the bridge config, hence why you had me wondering

I would save up a little more. About $1000-$1200 can get you in the door with a lot of very high quality, used guitars. Maybe not those boutique brands, but it will allow you some options like used GMW, Charvel, Suhr, or a new G&L. You could also buy something assembled from high quality parts, like a Warmoth, Musikraft, or any number of small builders who make just bodies and necks.
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I think this one is up for sale:


No price listed, but probably around $8,000

EDIT: Doh! NM, just noticed the budget.