Im getting a new amp head soon and i was thinking about getting the 6505+. Is this the best amp for the price? A play classic rock and metal.
Metal? Lovely amp.

Classic Rock? Notsomuch.

Just how important is your classic rock tone to you? Are you looking for a metal amp that can pull off classic rock, or more of an amp that gets an equally good classic rock and metal tone?
peavey classic 50

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Quote by evhaustin5150
i want it to be able to hemdrix and sabbath to van halen and judas priest

Oh, so when you say "metal", you mean classic and NWOBHM? Nothing much heavier than say, Metallica? In that case, the 5150's a dismal choice for you.

An Orange Rocker 30 sounds like it'd fit your needs perfectly.