hey guys so i havent been too active on the site for a long time.. still playin lots of guitar tho..

here are a couple songs i did where i took rap songs and gave them a kind of beachy acoustic feel.

not much intricate guitar work but I had fun with these nonetheless.

hope you enjoy. let me know what you think. thanks for the listen.

i'll try to record somethin more appropriate for this site soon. keep rockin.


big pun song

lil wayne song. ha.
thats actually really cool man. they sound better with acoustic music put to it. Im not the biggest fan of rap but I like a few guys.
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great work man. the acoustic works perfectly with your vocals.
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You've got a reallllllly smooth voice. At times I wish I could sing that cleanly, but then remember I have a husky voice lol. Your tone has a real reggae feel to it.