i play metal
i recently got myself a 6505
i LOVE it
but there is alot of noise,
sooo ive heard thats what noise gates are for (cutting off any volume under a certin level)
then i came across a noise surpressor, thought it was the same thing
aparently not?
whats the differnce?
which is the one that i want?
(for breakdowns, or other parts, to make them sound more tight, and so there is no extra bass feedback at high volumes or noise when i move my fingers across the strings)
are you sure?
i went to buy one, and the guy at the store told me they were different
i think he said surpressor is for hum and gate is for cutting volume
buuttt im not exactly sure
but if they are the same thats good.
the guy at the store is retarded. never trust guys that work at guitar stores. only trust UG.
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anecdote from a trip to GC

me: hi im looking for a peavy valveking 212.

guy: oh we dont have them but really man theys suck, why dont you try out his line 6 spyder3 its WAY better than those peavy craps.

me: right (walks out of the store)
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